These classmates have considered attending our class reunion in September and if they have sent in their paid registration.
Invitations were mailed during the spring  If you missed getting yours, there are printable Registrations Forms on the Save-The-Date page.

There is no physical ticket that will be mailed to you.  Your cancelled check will be your receipt and a copy of all registrations and checks will be at the reunion check-in table.

Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Linda Rushing (Chasteen)
Susan Elixson (Ray)
Hesta Windell (Conway)
Cindy Garris (Owens)
Barry Upshaw
Joyce Batchelder (Newland)
Jerry Tice
Bill Clements
Steve Edwards
Linda McTee (DeJarneatt)
Linda Warnick (Dibley)
Paul Bickley
R'Lene Mulkey
Les Thomas
Dorothy Ann Henson (Yarbrough)
Alan Allman
Kennth Miller
Patricia Young (Young)
Linda Ludwig (quintana)
Susan Starns (Haynes)
Donna Schoenberger (Ashford)
James Russell '64
Cheryl Miles '66
Celeste Maddalun (Holley)
Linda Ward (Irick)
David Fein
Terry Purdy
John Ripps
Mike Ware
Paul Savoie
Alice Savoie (Conklin)
Johnny Roland
Nancy Morgan (Hardwick)
Connie Coker
David Harvey
Carolyn McKenzie (French)
David Beckett
Tim Skiles
Gary Bryant
Berla Mullins (Caster)
Donna Bishop
Suzanne Huston (Aplin)
Ken Rottman
Brenda Ragan (Pekar)
John England
Jo Ann Selvia (Beck)
Carolyn Walters (Atwood)
Judy Moser
Ruth Ann Fenstemaker (Wreay)
Judy Fentsemaker (Bowles)
Sue Beth McClure
Cheryl Hudson (Stroud)
Susan Ulery (Watson)
Wane Moore
Diane Millson (Sneed)
Judy Glasgow (Hatfield)
Dixie Souder (Marshall)
Gary Sibley
Bo Fitch
Beverly Wood (Smart)
Larry Vandiver
John Mark Baker
Joy Bolman (Williams)
Aria Aplada (Clay)
Dennis Garretson
Annette DeSalvo (Bedell)
Hugh Hamm
Gerald Longwell
Peggy Langston
Howard Tuel
Jerrel Dykes
Barbara Wilcox (Copeland)
Terri Knight (Crawford)
Ted Crawford
Paige Joplin (Norman)
Judy Riggs (Tompkins)
Jenny Giles (Elder)
Mary Taliaferro (Harris)
Ronnie Hunter
Beverly Ward (Jones)
Karen Gooch (Brown)
Paula Mikel (Clements)
Bobby Haynes
Joe Gonzalez
Richard Bell
Don Gardner
Gary Wilson
Starr Bowen
Sandie Goodier (Curb)
Donna Holt (Hart)
Vicki Whitlock (House)
Dane Martin
Deryle Matthews
Sandra Grant (Matthews)
Clarajo (C.J.) Noble (Brown)
Bill Johnson
Kathy Vernon (Rachal)
Gil Wolfe
Ronnie Fields
Mark Ashford
Bobby Slaughter
Linda Chasteen (Rushing)
Cheryl Pecorello (Morrow)
Ellen Sue Blevins
Walter Master
Gary Bishop
Joan Senecal (Mischen)
Carolyn Hamilton (Tosh)
Irene Jackson (Jackson)
Brenda Durant (Graff)
Larry Plaster
Danny Huckabee
Richard "Rick" & Naioma Boehringer
Michael Rader
Janice Pyles (Trostle)
Sharon Russell (Swift)
Shannon Calloway (Healy)
Kennith Aclin
Janice Young (Minor)
Sherry McMurtrey
Judy Carrothers (Carr)
Johnnie (Bugsy) Carr
Dianne James (Odgers)
Wendy Pickens (Cone)
Reynolds (Reynie) Ansley
Judy Moore
Earl Moore
Sherry Hill (Hill)
Michael Griffin
David Watson
Olen (Tim) Walker
Patty Fitch (Worley)
Gail Mackey (Cousins)
Carl Pickle
Bruce Arnold
John Hastings
Jack Yerby
Total 137 111