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judy moser
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December 30, 1946 Raiderettes
Barbara Wilcox (Copeland)
San Antonio retired sales manager-pharmaceuticals Divorced 2 Journalism, Class Officer , Raider Rousers, school office assistant, anything that I could squeeze into(hey I loved my highschool) George W Bush and too many sports celebrities to list
The reunion was great to see all the many wonderful classmates. You know we got the best "start" in the world by fate putting us at Lawrence D Bell instead of some other highschool . Truly our class was an amazing group of individuals who cared for and sincerely supported each other. You cannot experience the culture we shared just anywhere: then or now ! So many memories and good times ! One of my greatest blessings.   Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
Pam Henderson (Burney )
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October 04, 1947 hurst Vice President, ASPCA Divorced 1 Choir
I only went to Bell my Senior year, being an Air Force brat and having already attended two other High Schools in Bangor. Me and Altus, OK.  Was best friends with Sandra Grant, Ann Hilburn and Susan Gillham..Susan and I bonded over being two newbies at Bell our Senior Year.  Sadly, Susan was killed in Arlington by a truck that ran through an intersection in the early 70's.  Her new born daughter survived.  My brother in law, Tom Dickson was the drama director in the "new" Bell High School and taught my son Hondo in the early 90's.  Hondo went to St Vincent’s in 1-6 Grades and then to Central which was actually our old is strange!

I attended what was then East Texas State University and then graduated from UNT with degree in Animal Science and Emergency Management.  Became Environmental Health Director for City of North Richland Hills and retired after 25 years there.  Funny, how after living all over the world, I still live here in Hurst and Hondo was raised here and up at Lake Bridgeport, graduated from University of Dallas and earned his Masters in Psychology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. He was and remains today an unapologetic geek in the early days of geekdom and works in Austin as a Build Engineer in the geek world.
After retiring in 2003, I went to work for the ASPCA (American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Always wanted to be a Veterinarian but back then just could not break the gender barrier to get into TAMU…so did the next best thing and was the first girl to enter the Agriculture Program at ETSU. I am Vice President of Community Outreach and travel across the US about 2-3 weeks per month working with staff located all over the country. We work with animal shelters and help them do the best they can to save those animals most at risk in community shelters. I work from my home office and glass studio here in Hurst but spend a week in our Manhattan offices about every 6 weeks or so. About 12 years ago, I taught myself the ancient art of Lamp Working, which is using a gas torch to make glass beads and with a partner in Austin we have a small business that makes Remembrance Beads which contain the ashes of beloved pets. This is my creative outlet along with gardening which is difficult to maintain because of the travel…I love what I do and don’t see myself retiring from this job any time soon. 
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Pat Pease
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August 19, 1946 Bedford Acquisition consultant Divorced 3 Sports and art
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Gary Bishop
December 31, 1946 Springtown Missionary Agency President/CEO Married 2 As Executive Director of Pittsburgh International Airport I greeted Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton as Air Force One arrived. I was privileged to spend time with Gen. Chuck Yeager the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound.

The Lord has blessed my wonderful wife Donna and I with 41 years together.  We have two sons and daughters-in-law and five grandchildren.  Much of my professional life has been in aviation, flying in the US Navy and Air Force Reserves and as a flight instructor and corporate pilot.  I moved over to aviation education and airport management in 1991.  In 1997 the Lord called Donna and me into full-time missionary service as the President/CEO of Mission Aviation Fellowship,  we then moved into Bible Translation work and now we lead a missionary effort (World Missions Far Corners) to care for people trapped in desperate human suffering and spiritual darkness.  The ministry was headquarterd in Southern CA for 51 years and we moved the headquarters to Fort Worth in March of this year.   

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Ron Fields
January 17, 1947 El Paso General Manager Married 2 sports
Wow, I can't believe we have had this many years pass. I have been involved in the milk and ice cream industry since graduating from Texas Tech. We have moved several seveal times, and the stops include Nothern California, Southern California , San Antonio, Houston, and El Paso. Valerie and I have been married for forty years and have two daughters and five grandchildren.

We have lived in El Paso since 1997. El Paso is remote, but it is a short drive to Ruidoso, and Cloudcroft, which we enjoy. I enjoy golf, and watching Texas Tech sports.
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Mark Baker
January 01, 1900 ROSE BUD Veterinarian Married 4
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Kit Jones
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June 06, 1946 Fort Worth psychotherapist/counselor Single "crushing" on Mr. (Gary) Bryant Met Satchmo w/Shirley Sheppard in '65 and Sens. Barack Obama & Joe Biden in '07
   I moved to Dallas and took my sweet time getting through college, finally graduated from SMU with a psych degree in '76.

   In December of '78 I headed to Key West, spent seven years there, and  had a lot of adventures on and off the water. It was a little different from inland Texas. Worked when I had t
o at this and that, most fun as an unpaid beach bunny/sailor and, eventually, director for Big Brothers/Sisters and counselor for Florida Keys Community College. Had a great romance and ran for public office...the Keys being the Conch Republic, "lost" by six votes.

   After that much fun, ended up back in Texas and rested up for a few years. Went back to school at UNT and finished up with a Master's degree in counseling and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas.
Now in private counseling practice in Fort Worth, which I love and find very satisfying.

      Irene Jackson and I have kept up with each other through the years. She has been a great supportive friend and a heckuvan adventurer in her own right. I'm so proud of her. She's been a plaintiff's attorney and judge, among other lawyerly positions, and will soon be a full-fleged Methodist minister with a Master of Divinity degree from my old alma mater, SMU.

   In the same month I ran into both SueBeth McClure and John Hastings, so that must be a sign to visit the LDB Class of '65 reunion.

   Everywhere I've been, I've always been an (unpaid) advocate for the little guy and involved in liberal politics. Right now I'm working hard in support of the public option for health insurance reform. I want to encourage y'all to do whatever you can in this fight...not ok to have 50,000,000 (I think that's about 1 in 6  *!?*) Americans without health insurance.

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Bill Drenowatz
February 08, 1947 Dallas Flooring retailer and Remodeler Married 6
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Lana Sullivan (Woods )
October 17, 1946 Lorena Retired Registered Nurse Married 2
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