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Gary Wilson
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July 07, 1947 Hewitt Management Divorced 2 Baseball, Drama

The last reunion I attended was # 20.  I was a bit nervous but had a great time renewing friendships.  Not sure I will attend this year's renion but I am going to try.

My work over the last 35 years has allowed me to travel from coast to coast and a few other countries.  I now sit behind a computer and count the days until I retire......planning on next February.  A resent knee replacement has restricted my golf play but looking forward to getting back on tee box.

Both my chidren live near .... allowing me the opportunity to spoil my 3 grandchildren.

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Scotty Brown
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February 12, 1947 Duncanville Retired entertainer Married 1 Drama, Raider Rousers, Tennis, and any and all other activities I could handle. Performed professionally in twelve states, seven countries and three continents. Rubbed elbows with Sammy Davis, Jr., Jimmy Durante, Debbie Reynolds, the Quaid brothers, Rip Taylor, Patrck Swayze, blah blah blah.....


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Janye Collier (Anderson)
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September 01, 1947 Dallas Actress Married 1 Co-starred in nationally touring two-woman comedy.
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Susan Ulery (Watson)
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October 04, 1947 Austin retired teacher, full-time Gran Single Again 2 Raiderettes
So interesting to read what our classmates have been doing since 1965! It will be great to see all who are attending the reunion! Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Clarajo Noble (Brown)
August 28, 1947 GRANBURY CHILD NUTRITION DIRECTOR/GLEN ROSE ISD Married 5 Sports, drill team manager Had a

Mark Brown and I have been married for 45 1/2 years, now!
We have 4 sons, including our twins and one daughter that can still whip her big brothers!
We have 14 grandchildren ages, 18-1 year.
We live right on the lake in Granbury...I love to come in and go fishing!  The kids and grandkids love to fish, boat and get towed all around the lake.  We have lots of fun, although the neighbors probably get tired of all the noise and laughter!
I hope to finally retire at the end of the 2010 school year, although, I could have retired years ago.  I had to edit this...I am still working and now have become active with Texas Association of Child Nutrition...oh, well, what's another year or two?
Can't wait to see everyone at our reunion.  
I have really enjoyed seeing lots of the Bell Chicks at Dixie's house during our Christmas get-together.  Thanks to Dixie and Judy for doing that.
Updated 6/1110
I have added another grand daughter, Reilyn Grace.  She is about 6 weeks old now.  Mark and I are still married.  I have really enjoyed seeing all my classmates at the past reunion and of course, at Dixie's house.
God bless you are still so very special to this ol' gal.

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Johnnie Carr
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February 09, 1947 Bastrop retired aerospace Married 2
I am a retired aerospace engineer and remain happily married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, Judy Carrothers. She is the Associate Executive Director for a Texas special education association. We have been blessed with two daughters and four grandchildren.
I have had a very exciting and fulfilling life. I was Drum Major of the University of Texas at Arlington band for five years, airplane designer for Cessna Aircraft, controls designer, experimental flight test engineer on the AH-1S Cobra helicopter, and Program Manager of the Texas Ranger helicopter for Bell Helicopter. I was a designer for a remotely piloted air vehicle called Aquila, Program Manager of Financial systems for satellite programs, and Director of Aerospace Programs for Lockheed Martin. I have travelled abroad to thirty countries.
I am spending my time now building our retirement home on five acres in the tall pines of Bastrop we call “The Running Paint Estate”. I have many more projects than I have time to complete them all.
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Lorelei Schmidt (Bourque)
February 24, 1947 Locust Dale Retired Married 3
I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in Virgingia and spend my time with grandkids (5), gardening and house projects. Send Lorelei a MessageSend Lorelei a Message
Weida Cockrell (Spannagel)
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March 23, 1947 Calgary Homemaker Married 3 Drill team, Honor Club
Roy and I have been married 44 years and have 3 children and 10 grandchildren.  We have served together in ministry the same length of time.  All three children and their families are serving around the world in ministry.  We have recently moved to Canada (second time here) where Roy is pastoring a church.  Our oldest son is also pastoring here in the same city.  God has been very good to us and we feel very blessed. Send Weida  a MessageSend Weida a Message
Danny Cummings
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August 14, 1947 Woodland Park Law Enforcement,Teacher, Counselor, Business Administration, Executive and Diplomatic Protection Married 2 Football, Baseball, Football Track, Choir Provided Body Guard protection for several celebrities and foreign diplomates. Sean Connery
After graduation, I went to Dallas Baptist University. There I met and married my first wife. When you do even the right things for the wrong reasons it has a way of coming back on you in a negative way. I was elated to be the starting pitcher of the first season and first year of the school, but was struggling academically and pulled from the line up and placed on probation. In my disappointment I laid out a semester and was drafted into the military. After serving in the military I migrated through law enforcement into the corporate world in Business Administration and Internal and External investigations. Then there were several years when all the walls fell down and I had no direction and it seemed my compass in life was not calibrated. I lost my family, my friends, my self-respect and most of all myself.
I re-married in 1991 to a L. D. Bell graduate, Susan Tidwell. I have two children, Kim and Amy from a previous marriage. Susan and I have reared my oldest grandson, Andrew, since he was approximately a year old. He turned 18 in September 2010. Susan has two children also from a previous marriage, Shannon and Christopher. I have had several careers and continue to dabble in various fields of interest. I eventually went back to school and graduated with honors and a newly found direction. No one prepared us for some things that happen or we are required to react to in life, but life prepares you for many things that can not be forseen. I have enjoyed my life regardless of the ups and downs, good and back choices I  continue to look at life as an adventure. Even though I did not know all of you, it brings back memories to look at your comments and your pictures. The fabric of our lives is influenced in these developmental stages of friendships, acquaintances and cirumstances. Whether these relationships were good or bad, they help make us who were are today. Life is not so forgiving, but we should be with one another. Thank you for being part of one of the chapters of this unfinished story.
Enjoying His Grace,
P. S.
For you who were there and were given this wisdom, remember?:
"The cream is going to rise, boys"! Coach Bookout L. D. Bell 1965 
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Jamie Neal (Allen)
January 19, 1947 Fort Worth retired business owner Married 4 National Honor Society, Raider Rousers, Drama, Senior Play, Inter scholastic league One Act Play, Met a gun runner named Gerarrd in a casino in Central America who gave me over $3000 for my missionary work .On a more realistic plane, I designed a large home to raise my family in, and later sold it to Ruth Buzzi and her husband. Virginia Madden
I have had such a blessed life! After High school and college , six worthless marriage proposals, and several years of finding myself, I married my prince , a son of a lawman in Hill County , he had country charm and very interesting history and family code of  honor for my future children. He came with two sons whom I raised along with our two, Bonnie and Wesley. Wes  is with the Arlington police department with goals of being a paramedic with the fire dept. Bonnie is the mother of my only grandchild, Payton. Payton is somewhat unusual, as he was born understanding English. Very weird when you experience a baby who knows what you are sayaing at one week of age. by 11 months he told his first knock-knock joke, and we still don't know if he heard it somewhere or made it up himself. Life is good but unpredictable. At the present Payton is running about 95% correct on his future events predictiions, which come usually two or three times a month. HE tells what is going to happen and I can't even remember what already happened!  Payton watches CNN and then wants to disscuss what he saw. He is all of 2 1/2 years old now !! His Mommie also is a wedding planner and photographer  who has been published in several magazines. .My godly children are what I have accomplishedin the last 45 years I  give the credit to the Lord. They dont mind me, but They and Larry are my best friends.

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