1) NEW POLL: Is there anyone you have not seen since high school that you can not WAIT to see at the reunion?
Yes, one in particular!
There are several people I can't wait to see!
I want to see everyone!
Not really, I see everyone that I want to see all the time now anyway.
Not that I can think of.
I can't remember anyone - my memory is shot!
2) NEW POLL: What is your favorite holiday - other than Christmas?
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day

3) NEW QUESTION. Paper of Plastic?
I use my plastic to buy paper
Rich Corinthian leather
4) Best Cruising or Hang Out?
Jack Clarks
Bellaire Shopping Center
Connies Uptown Drive-In

5) Surf Rock... Who was your favorite?
The Ventures
The Beach Boys
Jan & Dean
Some other group
6) If you are female, have you ever owned Carole King's Tapestry album?
Say What!!!

7) Since a Reunion is being planned, I'm?
Checking out this web site almost daily.
Digging out my old yearbooks and looking at photos.
Re-Reading the comments written in my yearbooks.
Making plans to come to the reunion.
Going on a diet.
All of the above.
8) What type of music would you like to hear during the Reunion?
1960's Rock 'n Roll.
1970's Rock 'n Roll.
Bluegrass Cello
Country and Western
1950's Rock 'n Roll

9) Would you be interested in purchasing a Reunion Photo CD?