Hi Classmates and Friends,

We hope that everyone had a good time at our class reunion.  From the comments that we have heard indicate that, by golly, we may have just pulled this thing off with a certain amount of success.

Head counts show that we had approximately 90 classmates that attended the Saturday evening Big Event.  There were about 10 former teacher and admininstrators, who attended as our guests.  In total, including classmates, spouses and guests there were about 175 people present for a very special evening.

In talking with attendees, there just seemed to be a sense of pride and camaraderie  in that room.  It was made clear to us that the website has been very well received and everyone would like it to continue.  After all reunion expenses have been paid and with some money left over, the website will be extended for another five years.

It has been suggested that the next reunion might be a joint event with the 1963, 64 and 65 classes, the last three classes to graduate from the original Bell High School facility. 

Some people were unable to join us due to other commitments, some due to health, and many other for other reasons, but please know, you were missed.

We invite you to continue to enjoy the website, update your profile, make suggestions and encourage those who have not put their profile on the website, to do so.  It is not too late!  It is also a great way to e-mail a friend and just say hello.

Also, our class has a presence on FACEBOOK.COM if you care to join us on that website.  Be sure to set your high school to:

LAWRENCE D. BELL... class of 1965

not:  L. D. Bell or just Bell

Again, looking forward to doing this again at our 49th or 50th year reunion.