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We want to see pictures of your children, families, pets and!  Pictures from our high school years and the past reunions are also needed.

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50-Year Class Reunion

Images from our 50-Year Class Reunion held on September 2, 2015

1965 Yearbook

Senior Pictures from the 1965 Raider Yearbook
Reunion Program

2009 Reunion

Images taken by the roving professional photographer may be viewed at their website:  

Deadline for ordering reunion pictures is October 31, 2009.
2014 Bell Chicks Christmas Party.  Front:  Judy Glasgow, Sherry Hill, Judy Carrothers-Carr, Carolyn Walters, Sharon Russ

Dixie Chicks Christmas Party

Each year Dixie Souder and Judy Glasgow host a Christmas Party for the Ladies of the Class of 1965.
Hurst Junior High.  Contributed by Sue Beth McClure (SB-JH-01)

The Way We Were

Images from the when we were in very, very young.

Present day image of the entrance to the old Bell High School on Raider Drive.  Today, it is the Keys Learning Center.

Current Pictures of Old Places

Here are some current images of some old places when we cruised the streets in the 1960's.
Feel free to contribute some of your favorites.

(146) 1985 Reunion:  Carolyn Brown, Don Gardner, John Hastings, David Watson.  And Andy McGrady behind Carolyn.

Kenneth Miller's Reunion Photos

Kenney is contributing so many images from previous reunions that he is getting his own album.
One of three group photos from the 1985 Reunion. (Carolyn Brown)

Individuals and Groups

Some individual classmates and various past reunion images.
2010 Girl Friends Trip to New Hampshire.  Paula Mikel-Clements and Judy Glasgow-Hatsfield... road Trip.

Present Day Images

Present day images of local gatherings and committee meetings.
(2582) Kenneth Miller and Carolyn Brown

Present Day Images, Part Deux

More Present Day (or recent) Images of individuals and groups.